Bathroom Color Trends for Summer 2020

Bathroom Color Trends for Summer 2020

Are you looking to brighten up your bathroom this year? Something as simple as changing the color scheme can do wonders for an aging bathroom. Should you be daring or predictable, bold or subtle? If you need a little inspiration, consider these top bathroom color trends for summer 2020.

Color of the Year

Pantone regularly releases a Color of the Year to inspire homeowners and professional designers alike. This year, it’s Classic Blue, a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk. This rich, beautiful color makes the perfect accent wall or bathroom cabinets. You can also incorporate it into the shower curtain, rugs, or other accents.

Bright Serenity

Picture the color of the ocean near the Great Barrier Reef or the traditional hue of a mermaid’s tail. That’s what Aqua Menthe resembles. This brilliant mix of cyan and mint green lightens up any bathroom. Just looking at the color will transport your mind to your favorite tropical getaway, making it the perfect shade for a relaxing in-home spa.

Instant Excitement

Blues and greens are traditional bathroom colors, but if you’re looking to add some fire to this water-dominated room, try Lush Lava. This dark orange turns up the heat, creating a sense of fireplace embers or a breathtaking sunset. It’s the ideal way to brighten up a dark bathroom or simply inject excitement into the space. For a color scheme that really stands out, pair Lush Lava with Aqua Menthe and Classic Blue!

Natural Timelessness

Hunter Green has returned to the spotlight this year. In fact, it never truly left. That’s the great thing about choosing a timeless color—it remains trendy for years to come. Choose a Hunter Green vanity as a handsome addition to your bathroom. This pairs beautifully with white countertops and gold hardware, not to mention living accents like a potted fern or money tree.

Matured Warmth

Terracotta is another color that matches gold hardware superbly. You’re bound to see this color combination everywhere in summer 2020. It’s a show of appreciation for age, history, and warmth that might be missing in gray-toned bathrooms. To create an undeniable southwestern theme, accent your bathroom with sand art and a cactus or two.

Classic Femininity

If you want to add subtle beauty to your bathroom without looking immature, reach for blush paint and accents. This antique pink looks absolutely stunning with marble countertops, a white or gray vanity, and brass fixtures. A charming chandelier and mirror framed with distressed wood complete the delicate, vintage look.

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