Benefits of a Glass Shower Door

Benefits of a Glass Shower Door

Are you designing a new bathroom? Or are you thinking of ways to improve your existing bathroom? Consider the benefits of a glass shower door.

Compared to a glass door, a shower curtain can be hard to clean. It’s flimsy and can wrinkle when you try to clean it. Your better bet is to clean it in your washing machine, though this can wear down the material, shortening its lifespan. Shower curtains also trap moisture and germs in their folds, and where it rests against the side of the tub.

If you designed your shower and carefully picked out the tile, you want to show it off. As opposed to a shower curtain, a glass shower door lets you see the entire design of your bathroom, including the tile and fixtures in the shower. Even a clear shower curtain and obscures the view of the design elements in your shower.

Even if you are very careful cleaning your shower curtain, the basic wear and tear of daily use mean that shower curtains don’t tend to last very long. This is especially true if you have children, who inevitably will tug on the curtain, causing damage to the curtain ring holes. Then for a while, you may have a fairly nice-looking shower curtain with a few unsightly ripped holes. This can also cause the shower curtain to not hang straight.

Since shower curtains don’t last very long compared to a glass shower door, they result in more waste. Good luck finding a recycling center that will take it. Globally, we throw away millions of shower curtains every year. Depending on the material, they can take centuries to degrade in a landfill.

One question you need to ask yourself if you’ve decided on a glass shower door is whether to buy a framed or frameless door. Interior designers tend to prefer frameless shower doors because of their classic, uncluttered look. They are also easier to clean because you don’t have to worry about cleaning the buildup of dirt, grime, or mildew where the glass connects to the shower door frame. There are also semi-framed shower door designs to consider that look good and cost less than fully frameless designs. Other design options include sliding doors versus pivoting (hinged) or bi-fold design. A good interior design and decor store will have many options available for you to interact with.

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