Newest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

Newest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

More time indoors has prompted many to rethink their living spaces, with the kitchen being top on the list. Kitchen remodeling done right can change the mood of this oft-used space while also adding value to your home. Design that will transcend time and look fresh year after year makes for a solid investment. But adding your own personal flair can keep your home feeling like your home while you occupy it. Being familiar with the newest trends in kitchen remodeling can keep your kitchen modern and appeal to the masses.

House & Home and Houzz recently sounded in on their predictions for kitchen trends you are sure to see in 2021–Capitol Design Build will make it happen.

More Kitchen Storage
The figures are in! 94 percent of homeowners engaging in a kitchen remodeling project are focusing on cabinet upgrades that increase their storage capacity. The ability to store more and shop less has spurred a focus on kitchen functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. Give your hard-working kitchen the support it needs with utilitarian design elements that are both innovative and contemporary.

Painted Cabinetry
Bold hues in the kitchen are an instant pick-me-up. Homeowners are choosing colors that brighten their moods with green and blue as popular cabinet colors. Others are sticking to the tried-and-true neutrals to keep a calmness about the space with white, medium wood tones, and gray choices.

Moody Hues
While white kitchens have stood the test of time for years, these days we are seeing a shift to darker, deep, more saturated colors with bold make-a-statement patterns. Designers are more comfortable offering dark blacks, midnight blues, and emerald greens to kitchen spaces creating a dreamy, otherworldly effect that invites others in. The key is to go bold. Don’t hold anything back if you are going to incorporate moody hues properly.

Artistic Flair
Open shelving invites homeowners to bring in a little of the whimsical and personal to the kitchen space. Meaningful art and keepsakes adorning kitchen shelving add buoying sentiment to the surroundings that lift and inspire.
Prep Kitchens
Who would settle for one kitchen when you could have two? The idea of a prep kitchen has really taken off in recent months, allowing for a designated area for washing and prepping food while keeping the chaotic cooking process out of view from guests.

Custom Vent Hoods
Gone are the traditional stainless vent hoods of the past. The newest vent hood trends have homeowners incorporating more custom designs, colors, and materials. Vent hood designs give homeowners the opportunity to make a bold statement while uniquely setting their kitchen apart from traditional kitchen designs.

Side by Side Islands
A 2020 kitchen remodeling trend that hasn’t lost its momentum is the hybrid island. Adding a table with seating to the end of an island provides more utility space for the household, both young and old.

Large Kitchen Islands with Contrasting Colors
Kitchen upgrades that include larger island space are also a popular trend of the time. Larger islands allow for more to gather at once, and serve as workspaces as much as cooking/eating spaces.

Contrasting colors for kitchen island bases and cabinets make this central design feature stand out and add an extra pop to the room. Others choose to make a dramatic statement with their kitchen island by incorporating solid stone in the design.

Dual Purpose Design for Small Spaces
With the rise of compact living quarters, designers are getting innovative with creating dual-purpose designs for tight spaces. Kitchens can serve as living areas or even bedrooms with stylish murphy bed additions, couches, and bookcases.

Everyone Is Going Vinyl
For years, hardwood kitchen flooring has been the kitchen flooring staple. But hardwood is now taking second place to ceramic or porcelain tile with vinyl a close third. Vinyl offers homeowners a durable, long-lasting flooring option that is both water and stain-resistant. Vinyl also gives homeowners a variety of options for customizing the look of their kitchen at a fraction of the cost of hardwood.

Design a kitchen you will enjoy for years with sleek finishes, simple lines, and ample amounts of style. Our top designers at Capitol Design Build will ensure that your kitchen design is as modern as it is functional while adding value to your home and keeping you on budget. Open up your kitchen space and invite others into your sanctuary with stand-out remodeling solutions. Our creative process draws on over 30 years of experience to help deliver exactly what you want. Contact us at 703-436-6919 to schedule your free design consultation today!

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