The Master Bath Renovation Process

The Master Bath Renovation Process

Are you getting ready to renovate your master bathroom? If you are, there are so many design choices for you to make that you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Have no fear. Let’s look at some of your options, and how to prepare for this renovation process.

If you’re like most people, your master bathroom renovation budget is not unlimited. Set a reasonable budget before proceeding to the design stage. Make sure your partner agrees with the budget before you begin the renovation process.

A simple Google search for “master bathroom designs” will bring up a huge variety of styles and designs to match any taste and any space. Other websites with a variety of bathroom styles include Pinterest and Instagram. Focus primarily on designs that match the floor plan of your master bathroom space, but also take a look at the technical and stylistic aspects of any bathroom design that catches your eye. Most design elements can be tailored and adapted to the layout of most master bathroom spaces.

Seeing all the varieties of master bathrooms available to you may leave you a bit overwhelmed by the possible combinations of colors, materials, fixtures, etc. And not everyone has the time or talent to dedicate to this task. You might want to consider hiring an interior design expert or a design team. This will cost a little more but can save you a lot of stress. It can also inform you of recent design innovations and practical solutions customized to your particular master bathroom layout.

Once the design is determined, you must decide if you can handle this task yourself or want to hire someone to do it for you. Renovating a bathroom requires a lot of time and a wide variety of skills. This includes electrical and plumbing work that absolutely must be done correctly. You don’t want to risk electrocution or any damage to your house from plumbing mishaps. A small mistake can have serious consequences, including mold buildup below your bathroom or behind the walls. Stylistic errors are less damaging, but you’ll be reminded of them every time you use your master bathroom. Or, even worse, your spouse will be.

A master bathroom renovation can take a long time, so think about how it will affect your life. You don’t want this project going on when you have friends or family in from out of town. And you might not want the extra noise when your kids are in finals week. Talk to your family about the renovation schedule. If your income is seasonal, this may affect when you’re able to pay for the renovation as well.

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