Why You Should Add an Island to Your Kitchen

Why You Should Add an Island to Your Kitchen

Kitchens are like the central nervous system of a home. Rarely do people enter them without having to use their appliances or utensils, so it’s important that they have all the necessary features to make your lifestyle easier.

What makes kitchens easier to navigate than islands? Islands don’t just provide additional workspace, they also allow you to remain within sight of your guests and connected throughout the cooking process.

Gain added ideas for inspiration on how an island can improve your kitchen and also be a focal point in this popular room!

More Counter Space – Yes, Please!

In the case of counter space in a kitchen, less is not more, more is more! Extending your counter space means you can have all your appliances, utensils, foods, and spices within reach during the cooking process while still having room for family and guests to gather round.

Large islands also have the capability of housing stovetops, sinks, and other appliances that increase their utility.

Add Versatility with a Mobile Island
The solution for all your kitchen needs is a movable island. You can have more space when you need it, but only take up less room in the event that there are too many cooks at one time! These handy work surfaces offer greater flexibility than stationary islands so they’re perfect for smaller spaces. Think of them as extra counter space on demand!

Stay Connected to Guests & Family While Cooking
Kitchen islands are perfect for informal dining or additional seating when entertaining. They make the kitchen more accessible to visiting friends and family, while also establishing an area where you can cook up all those mouthwatering meals!

Kitchen islands come in all different shapes and configurations that can accommodate any kitchen size. A large island can quickly become the hangout spot during a party. A few stools, a bowl of chips, some drinks, and you’re all set!

Give your kitchen more counter space with innovative, modern designs–your options are limitless. Now your guests can help with dinner prep–even if they are just the sideshow!

Can Be Designed with Additional Storage Space
A popular kitchen remodeling trend is working in as much additional storage space as possible, as seamlessly as possible. A kitchen island is a perfect solution for any kitchen that lacks storage. With modern island accents and built-ins–like cabinets, pull-out drawers, and shelving–you can create your own custom design to fit seamlessly into any style of home!

When it comes time to sell your home, an innovative design that incorporates more storage options is sure to attract buyers and add value to your home.

Kids Love Them
Kitchen islands provide a great place for moms and dads to supervise children during homework time and still get the day’s cooking done. Kids love to be a part of the action and will appreciate a space that allows them to stay included.

Consider adding kid’s height amenities, such as a microwave or refrigerated drawer to make after-school snacks, lunch prep, early Saturday breakfasts. Increasing the accessibility of your kitchen for your children will give them more opportunities to practice their independence and boost their confidence!

Creates Visual Separation Between Spaces
Islands are an excellent way to create separation between two spaces. They can be useful if you want your open plan kitchen and dining/living room to have designated areas, allowing the cooking area to be for cooking and the living area to be for gathering, reading, or watching TV together. Creating organization within an open space kitchen design brings more purpose to a space and allows the kitchen to remain a vivid focal point rather than getting lost in the design.

Provide More Seating for Family and Guests
A large island creates more seating for family and guests, so togetherness is supported throughout the cooking, entertaining, and eating process. Choose from mobile islands to seating area kitchen islands and witness the benefits of having one (or two) in your kitchen!

What’s better than having an island? Having two islands! Hybrid islands are a popular trend in today’s households, allowing for extra seating and workspace alongside the cooking. This functional island is sure to be a hit for any dinner party.

Incorporate a kitchen island into your current home design or remodel and improve the look, feel, and functionality of the entire space. Our expert designers at Capitol Design Build will ensure that your kitchen island design fits your household’s unique style and living habits so you can get the most out of this valuable addition. Facilitate your kitchen space and invite others into your cooking process with a statement island designed by the pros. Our creative process applies three decades of experience to ensure you get what you want. Contact us at 703-436-6919 to schedule your free design consultation today!

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